Our Evolution

Tactical Strength Equipment (TSE) is has evolved from the foundations AUSFIT Torsion Bars established more than a decade ago in 2012.

Today, TSE is driven to provide modern day military members innovative training solutions & next level, f**king awesome apparel.

About AUSFIT Torsion Bars

After leaving the Navy, Anthony launched AUSFIT and released his own, updated ‘Torsion Bar’ design. This was the first purpose-built barbell designed for the outdoors and military service. It was designed with ease of transport and storage, and military grade durability front of mind.

AUSFIT quickly grew from a garage in North Sydney to a multinational business, providing Torsion Bars to the Australia Defence Force, international military units  and government organisations around the world including the Pentagon. The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is also now the go-to barbell for gym studios, bootcamps, personal trainers, spin studios, Pilates studios, injury rehabilitation clinics, and home gyms and users.

There have been significant improvements from the original M113 Torsion Bar. We use a very high-grade steel that is dense and unique which gives the AUSFIT Torsion Bar the heaviest weight possible, whilst maintaining a length less than 1 metre which is critical for handling the bars with one hand.

An innovative polymer coating technique gives Torsion Bars superior rust protection which means they’re perfect for use outdoors and can be safely stored in an outdoor environment. The patented anti-roll end caps also make them perfect for service on Naval platforms at sea and make the bars easier to pick up from the ground.

They’re easy to use, with no weights or clips, and they open up a huge number of exercises that are unique to the Torsion Bar.

In 2017 we released the ‘Offset Training Method” – OTM, a training method which utilises the AUSFIT Torsion Bars unique weight distribution combined with an offset grip increases the load to specific muscles dependant on the direction of offset Anterior, Lateral, Posterior etc.

The OTM not only increases the load during the exercise but also de-stabilises the body creating the core to activate to maintain proper postural alignment during both phases of the exercise. This is true functional training.